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E-commerce start-up from Paderborn

Are you ready to meet a new e-commerce start-up from Paderborn? Welcome to Meine Wanddeko! With us, you can look forward not only to high-quality and appealing wall decor but also to unique products that will catch everyone's eye. But who are we? What makes Meine Wanddeko so special as an e-commerce start-up, and what is the idea behind our store? This and more you can find out here!
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Discover the e-commerce start-up from Paderborn: Meine Wanddeko

In the middle of Paderborn, you can find the start of many successful e-commerce start-ups. There is BoothME, a photo box with photo frames and accessories, which spreads photo fun at your party. We also started Pader-Deko, here you can easily choose from a wide selection of wedding decorations and rent your suitable option.

As an e-commerce start-up from Paderborn, Meine Wanddeko is now following in big footsteps. With our experience and newly gained knowledge from past projects, we now begin to bring high-quality and modern wall decorations to men and women.

This start-up was born, out of a love for decoration. Still, with knowledge, high-quality standards, and an eye for that little extra - Meine Wanddeko is the perfect place to beautify your home with appealing wall decorations made of metal and wood!

The three most important W-questions about Meine Wanddeko:

Are you still not sure what to expect from Meine Wanddeko? If so, we would like to reveal to you the essential W-questions around the e-commerce start-up from Paderborn.

Who are the founders of Meine Wanddeko?

We are a young start-up with experience in IT process consulting and events. This is why we have the right know-how to shine in our projects like BoothME and Pader-Deko. At the same time, we live out our passion for minimalist design and beautiful decoration at Meine Wanddeko!

What is the idea behind Meine Wanddeko?

It's not always easy to find beautiful decorations, especially for the walls. Those who do not like photos or paintings often face the possible choice with shrugging shoulders. Due to the significant growth in Scandinavian and minimalist design, we wanted to launch products that emphasize beauty, elegance, and minimalism on our walls.

What makes My Wall Decor so unique?

Not only does our e-commerce start-up from Paderborn offers a wide range of beautiful and high-quality products, but at the same time, but we also want to constantly evolve, provide our customers the best experience, and beautify your home with great products.

Instead of just putting basic decorations on the market, we want to offer items our customers can associate beautiful memories with or even motivate themselves. Lettering like "Think BIG," "Love," or "Carpe Diem" constantly remind us of our dreams, wishes, and ideas, which are just waiting to be put into practice. Our wall decoration is more than just the appearance; instead, we want to support our customers in life.

Due to the high-quality processing of steel and the unique technique with magnets, your desired product can be attached in no time. Set on our wall decoration, which will bring you happiness even after years!

Choose My Wall Decoration and beautify your home!

You are currently looking for unique and beautiful wall art made of metal or wood, but you have not found it yet? Then you should take a look at Meine Wanddeko. Not only will you find great products here, but also excellent customer service. In no time, you will have your desired product in your hands.

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